Fani Stipkovic

International entertainment, business and sports journalist, TV personality, health and spiritual lifestyle expert and motivational speaker

Fani Stipkovic is an international entertainment, business, and sports journalist, T.V personality, health and spiritual lifestyle expert and motivational speaker with almost 1 million dedicated followers over 3 social media platforms. In addition to hosting events such as ATP tournaments, and Miss Universe her self made career has lead her to over 400 exclusive interviews with some of the most renown names across multiple industries including Cristiano Ronaldo, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer, Kobe Bryant, Richard Branson, Russel Crowe, Vladimir Klitschko, Roberto Cavalli and Bernie Ecclestone just to name a few! Fluent in Croatian, English, and Spanish Fani has been featured in numerous T.V shows and magazines throughout the world and has also been hired as a brand ambassador for top global brands. Having grown up on the Croatian island of Korčula, her love of the sea, sports and fashion combined with the island girl within her lead Fani to launch her own swimwear line. Her success was not achieved over night, she is a true result of “following your dreams” and her enthusiastic work ethic with her unique background has placed Fani on a level all herself. Born on the Croatian coastal city, Split and raised on Korčula an island of 5,000 people, her vivacious ambitions and lifelong dream of becoming a journalist lead her to Zagreb University where she graduated with a degree in journalism. Her motivation then pushed her to further her education with a Masters degree in TV Production and Management at the European University of Madrid, Spain. It was here where Fani obtained the skills that jump-started her career as she was a 1 woman force;contacting, preparing, staging, producing and editing all her interviews herself. Fani holds dear the many lessons and real life values she learned along her journey to success and loves to share them with others especially with young people discovering their own life path. Now a certified life coach and motivational speaker, in 2015 she was among the most successful entrepreneurs in central Europe who spoke at the C.E.O. conference at the University of Economy in Croatia. Fani now lives in Madrid, Spain where she is in love with life, yoga, spirituality, and a 2 kilo Latin heartbreaker, Sauri, her pet chihuahua.