Fareed Mohamedi

Partner, PFC Energy

Fareed Mohamedi is a Partner of PFC Energy. He heads the Markets and Country Strategies department, which houses PFC Energy's expertise in evaluating the investment risk faced by international oil companies and the political/economic drivers shaping oil and gas sector policies in petroleum producing countries. Fareed also manages PFC Energy's oil market analysis team which is renowned for its analysis of OPEC oil market management strategies. He helped develop PFC Energy's expertise on national oil companies.

Fareed has been at PFC Energy since 1990. He has also worked at Moody's Investors Service as the lead country analyst for a number of petroleum and gas producing countries, at the Institute of International Finance in the Middle East and Asia departments, at the World Bank's Africa department, at Wharton Econometrics Forecasting Associates' Middle East service and at the economic research section of the Ministry of Finance and National Economy in Bahrain. In the 1970s, he managed several parts of his family business which had branches in Bahrain, the UAE, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Fareed holds an M.A. in Arab Studies from the Center for Contemporary Arab Studies at the School of Foreign Service, Georgetown University and a B.A. in Economics from Western Michigan University.

Areas of expertise:

· The political economy of OPEC states;

· The investment environment and oil/gas sector policies of petroleum producing countries;

· Economic development challenges faced by petroleum producing countries;

· Strategies of national oil companies; and

· Energy challenges of the industrialized countries and emerging markets.

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