Fatima Scipio

Author, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist

Fatima Scipio is a woman dedicated to empowering everyone that she comes in contact with on a daily basis.

She has spent over a decade working with children and families. She began her career as a teacher in the New York City public school system and is currently working in New Jersey, training social workers on how to empower children and families involved in the child welfare system.

She is the CEO of Young Enterprising Sisters, an entrepreneurial program for girls ages 8-17 that educates, empowers and energizes the next generation of business owners/entrepreneurs. She has lectured to college students and conducted panel discussions in New York and New Jersey so that she can share her message to the masses. She believes that "anything is possible if you just believe."

She recently released her new book, Boss Lady (Seven life principles to reign in the new economy) and is the author of First Aid for First Year Teachers (A practical guide for urban educators). She is co-owner of New Society Commercial Cleaning and advisory board member of the Yvonne McCalla Foundation, a breast cancer awareness organization that educates young women about early detection and annually offers scholarships to minority women interested in nursing.

Fatima received a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology from Virginia State University and her Master of Science degree in urban affairs from Hunter College in New York City. A native of New York, Fatima currently resides in New Jersey, is a wife and the proud mother of one son.

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