Fern Weis

Parent Coach, Family Recovery Life Coach, for parents of teens and young adults.

You don't have to be in a crisis to do things differently. In fact, I want to help you avoid the crisis. My goal is to be your partner as you become a strong, confident parent who launches independent, resilient young adults into the world. Becoming a parent coach didn't happen by accident. With life revolving around a teen who was underachieving and making poor choices, we had to take an intervention, and fast. It turned out that the intervention was for us, too. I came to understand that my children's behavior was just as much about me as it was about them. The big 'aha' was that not only were caring and good intentions not enough, they were part of the problem! Nothing was going to change until I did, so I did. (Read more at My mission is to help you give your children what they need, not what feels easier; to let go of the need to control and help your teens become problem-solvers; to infuse your values in their parenting... in other words, to raise your children to confident, self-sufficient adulthood, no matter what life throws at them, and to stay sane along the way. This includes supporting families in which a loved one (child or adult) is struggling with substance abuse and recovery. Addiction is a family affair, and family members need help, too - to get their own life back and to be their loved one's best chance at recovery. (Learn more at and