Flicka Rahn

Internationally-recognized opera singer, teacher, sound therapist, composer and distinguished academician

Internationally-recognized opera singer, teacher, sound therapist, composer and distinguished academician Flicka Rahn has utilized her research skills and musical talents to create Chakra Soundscapes, her first CD recording with accompanist Daniel Wyman. Chakra Soundscapes, as its name implies, contains eight beautifully-crafted pieces and fulfills Rahn’s unique life mission to provide healing energy through the universal language of music. She explains, “I’ve been on a spiritual quest all of my life and on that path, I’ve read extensively the works of some of the masters and teachers in our world today including Deepak Chopra, Marianne Williamson and Gregg Braden as well as studying quantum physics and the work of Nassim Haramein, among others. I’ve taught courses on music for healing and that’s been an integrated part of my path since who I am is a musician. I know that through music, people can connect with the deepest part of their humanity.” Born into a musical family—“my mother was a professional viola player and my father played in string quartets”—Rahn says her career path was obvious early on. “My mother says when people would come to the door, I would tug at their clothes and say, ‘May I sing for you?’ I was not a shy child!” she laughs. Piano and voice lessons were inevitable; Rahn’s professional career began when she started teaching in elementary school, where she taught for seven years. “I remember showing [a video of the TV opera] Amahl & The Night Visitors and thinking, ‘I want to be doing that,’” she says. “After moving to Boston, I earned my Master’s degree in vocal performance and began doing solo work with symphonies. I wanted to see if I could really have a career as an opera singer.” Rahn sang with the Boston Lyric Opera for almost eight years and appeared with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, the New York Wagner Society, the Boston Concert Opera, Sparkling City Light Opera, the Minnesota Grand Opera, and the San Antonio Opera. These performances led to appearances at some of the world’s most prestigious venues, including Carnegie Hall, Boston Symphony Hall, Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City, and the Boston Academy of Music. At the same time, Rahn established herself in the world of academia, teaching on the faculties of Brandeis University in Boston, the Boston Conservatory of Music, and University of the Incarnate Word in San Antonio before spending 22 years as an Associate Professor of Music at Texas A&M University-Corpus Christi. There, she taught studio voice and music history, coached and produced operas. As a composer, Rahn’s sacred and secular pieces for vocal soloists, choirs, and opera companies have been performed at numerous universities, educational institutions, churches, museums and temples. Several of her compositions have been published in the series “Art Songs by American Women Composers.” In addition, she has the distinction of having served as a female cantor for more than 30 years at Temple Beth El in San Antonio, Texas. In 2011, as a Fulbright Scholar, she traveled to the Universidad Autónoma de Querétaro in Querótaro, Mexico, and taught courses on American Art Song and American Musical Theater, returning there in 2014 to teach and produce musical presentations at the Proarte Escuela de Danza and the Centro Estudios de Musicales. In 2015, Rahn continued her work in Mexico appearing with the Querétaro Symphony in their annual Opera Gala, performing solos and ensembles with Mexican vocal artists. She continues to teach classical vocal students in Querétaro. In 2017, she and Mexican tenor Andres Pichardo presented concerts in four Mexican cities. Rahn’s interest in the healing nature of sound and music spans decades. For the past twenty-five years she has directed and facilitated workshops in sound healing, in addition to teaching courses on sound healing at the university level. In 2015, she joined the staff of the Integrative Healing Institute in San Antonio, Texas, as a sound therapist. Rahn’s new recording, Chakra Soundscapes, is a natural progression of her dedication to the healing power of music. The genesis for the project began with her attendance at an Ayahuasca ceremony in Mexico in 2015, where she discovered their use of plant medicine, particularly the Ayahuasca vine, as well as their sacred songs, called “Icaros.” She says, “I saw how important a role music played after participating in the ceremony … and I realized that this music allowed people to meet and encounter deeper realms.” A subsequent trip to Peru in early 2017 to spend time with the Shipibo Indians, known for their work with Ayahuasca, was designed “so I could experience the Icaros and the energy they create at a deeper level,” Rahn recalls. “In the depth of those ceremonies, I actually saw what music looked like in the field around me—with my eyes open! I saw the colors of music, what looked like fireworks in the air, as I heard the shamans sing these Icaros. These songs had been ‘given’ to them by the plant, for which they have a deep respect, since it carries the energy of Mother Earth, Gaia.” Rahn’s experience there proved life-altering. “I ‘spoke’ to Gaia directly, which you can do when in the altered state brought on by drinking the brew created by the Shipibo from the Ayahuasca. I asked what could I do to share this with the rest of the world and the response that came back was ‘Please take my Icaros to the Western world in a way that people can learn and experience a deeper relationship with Mother Earth. That is the genesis of the music that I felt and channeled when I worked with my accompanist Daniel on this CD.” Crafted with love, the music on Chakra Soundscapes was created in a day and a half. Says Rahn, “We improvised the Icaros. Nothing was written down. I asked for the energy to come in and guide me. We went through all of the pitches of the Chakras and the Icaros represent the energy of each. I used quartz crystal singing bowls in the musical fabric because quartz crystals have the same molecular structure as our bones.” On the CD, each of the seven Chakras is activated and supported by the sounding of a corresponding note on the diatonic scale tuned to A at 432 Hz. As a foundation for each Chakra soundscape, the resonant pitch of each Chakra is played as a continuous drone. The musical fabric of the piece is then layered with crystal sounding bowls, distant vocal lines, and slow harmonic patterns swirling in a tapestry of sound. The effect is one of both movement and stillness of sound. In addition, the F# major triad is included, which corresponds to the High Heart Chakra and resonates with all Sacred Geometry present in the natural world. In January 2017, Rahn created a sound healing workshop for renowned entrepreneur Tammy McCrary’s innovative Artistology Academy. “Through the work I do, I want to help people find their own true voice—the voice that resides in the heart,” Rahn notes of her ongoing workshops on Sound Healing and presentations that include Chakra Meditation Circles, featuring twelve crystal singing bowls tuned to 432 Hz. With the 2017 release of Chakra Soundscapes, Rahn (along with musical partner Daniel Wyman) has created a masterful milestone in the expanding field of music therapy and sound healing. Her pioneering work cements her reputation as multi-talented visionary in the understanding and application of the sacred power of music, our greatest universal language.

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