Fran Visco

President, National Breast Cancer Coalition

Fran Visco, a more than 25-year breast cancer survivor, is the first president of the National Breast Cancer Coalition and Fund, and a member of its board of directors and executive committee. Ms. Visco was a partner in a Philadelphia law firm before leaving law to focus on NBCC/F's work.

In 1993, President Clinton appointed Ms. Visco as one of three members of the President's Cancer Panel, and she was the first consumer to chair the Integration Panel of the Department of Defense Peer-Review Breast Cancer Research Program. She co-chaired the National Action Plan on Breast Cancer and served on the National Cancer Policy Board. Ms. Visco has been a member of Institute of Medicine panels and has served on other policy committees, including the steering committees of the Breast Cancer International Research Group. She has testified before Congressional committees, has lectured throughout the United States and internationally on the politics of breast cancer and women’s health advocacy issues. Ms. Visco and her husband are residents of Philadelphia and the parents of a 27-year-old son.