Francesca Kaplan Grossman

Writer, teacher, unicorn wrangler.

Francesca Kaplan Grossman is a member of the inaugural cohort of<br /> the Doctor of Education Leadership program at the Harvard Graduate<br /> School of Education. With colleague Beth Rabbitt, she co-founded and<br /> runs <a href="" target="_hplink">Good to Know</a> featuring the<br /> awesome ideas and happenings in education today. Previously Francesca<br /> was the Director of Leadership Development for the SAB group, and was<br /> Co-Founder and Director of SWAP (supporting women artists project), a<br /> non-profit dedicated to women artists and public school girls. She<br /> began her career as a teacher and continues to teach both children and<br /> adults so that they can be empowered to improve the education sector. She lives with her exceptionally wonderful husband and two lovely little monsters in Newton, MA.