Frank Macri

Certified Professional Coach and Trainer

Frank Macri is a Certified Leadership Trainer and Coach who supports members of the LGBT and expat community who desire fulfillment in their relationships and careers. Frank is certified to administer the Core Energy Coaching process, a unique approach to connecting a person’s inner purpose and passions with their outer goals and strategies. After dealing with severe anxiety and shame and being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease during his teenage years, Frank decided to no longer settle for “good enough.” Since then, he’s become a proud advocate and blogger for the LGBT community, spent two years teaching English in China, and created a personal YouTube channel that currently has over 100 videos and 100,000 viewers to date. Frank is also a Trainer for the Institute of Professional Excellence in Coaching’s premier leadership and coach training program. He has delivered presentations and Mind Mastery workshops on building self-awareness and leadership skills in China, Canada, and various cities throughout the United States.