Dr. Franky Dolan

Doctor of Education | Worldly Advocate and self-taught Visionary Artist | Co-founder of and

Dr Franky Dolan has received international attention after a lifelong battle with an Invisible Disease, becoming a prominent advocate and an award-winning self-taught artist; helping people worldwide, all while being housebound and bedridden. He earned a Doctorate in Education and became a Clinical Hypnotherapist, before the neuro-immune disease, ME/CFS, made him bedridden. Hours upon hours were spent alone and painfully ill, leaving the mind with only one option for survival. Franky went into a daily monk-like meditation, every single day for years. Overwhelming visions and messages were so strong, he could barely contain them in his body. So his partner, Randy Ordonio, brought him paints and clay one day, and said, "Create your visions."​ With no formal art training, Franky looked down at his hands, and began to sculpt and paint these psychic impressions, all from his bed or even on the floor. He creates unparalleled ethereal art and stories, all for the purpose of inspiring and provoking the human spirit. In childhood, Franky was homeless and survived many struggles beyond his years. Now published in several magazines, receiving awards and international accolades, he is on a continued mission to help suffering people worldwide! See the work and the stories at