Fred Whelan and Gladys Stone

Authors of 'GOAL! Your 30 Day Game Plan for Business'

Gladys Stone is an executive coach and recruiter who injects a dose of adrenaline into corporations and individuals to empower them to perform at higher levels. She zeroes in on the areas of negotiations, higher productivity, and effective leadership. Her company, Whelan Stone was founded in 1999 and works primarily with Fortune 500 companies, recruiting high-impact talent and boosting the performance level of management. Her company is driven to help clients increase their competitive edge in order to achieve their goals and has been frequently quoted in the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, USA Today and the Boston Globe. Her book, Goal! Your 30 Day Game Plan for Business & Career Success presents a unique approach to achieving previously unreachable goals.

Fred Whelan is founder of Whelan Stone, an executive recruiting and coaching firm, headquartered in San Francisco. His company acts as a catalyst to Fortune 500 clients to accelerate the development of their management teams in the areas of: project management, high performance team development, and effective communications. Years of coaching has enabled him to harness the latent talents of individuals and bring them to the forefront in a dynamic and productive way. His advice is frequently sought after by the media, such as USA Today, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune magazine, and the Boston Globe. His book, Goal! Your 30 Day Game Plan for Business & Career Success, delivers a practical and effective solution for reaching any business or career goal.