G. Flint Taylor

Founding Partner, People’s Law Office

G. FLINT TAYLOR is a founding partner of the People’s Law Office in Chicago, an office that has been dedicated to litigating civil rights, police violence, government misconduct and death penalty cases for more than 40 years.

Among the landmark cases that Mr. Taylor has litigated are the Fred Hampton Black Panther case; the Greensboro, North Carolina case against the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis; the Ford Heights Four wrongful conviction case, and the case of a seven year old boy who was falsely accused by the Chicago Police of the murder and rape of 11 year old Ryan Harris.

For the past 25 years, Taylor has represented numerous police torture survivors and wrongfully convicted persons who have spent decades in prison and on death row, including Burge torture victims Michael Tillman, Darrell Cannon, Ronald Kitchen, Andrew Wilson, and Leroy Orange. His work in fighting against police torture has been instrumental in obtaining the conviction and imprisonment of police torture ringleader Jon Burge and the precedent setting decision that upheld the inclusion of former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley as a conspiring defendant in Tillman’s civil rights case.

In 2003, Taylor was named one of Chicago’s “30 Toughest Lawyers,” and is the recipient of numerous awards for his four decades of work fighting against racism and police violence, including from the Cook County Bar Association, Operation PUSH, the National Lawyers Guild, Northwestern’s Center on Wrongful Convictions, Northwestern Law School’s SFPIF, and First Defense Legal Aid.