Gabriel London

Documentary Filmmaker and Advocacy Campaign Director

Gabriel London is a media campaign creator and documentary filmmaker who career has focused on political issues in America. As the founder of the documentary film production company, Found Object Films, Gabriel has produced and directed films and media campaigns that bring overlooked stories to a national audience, dealing with issues ranging from the death penalty to to climate change. In the process, he has used his work to spread advocacy campaigns, work for which he was awarded a Soros Criminal Justice Award. His films have been broadcast nationally on networks ranging from MTV to SpikeTV and as part of film festivals including IDFA, Urbanworld Film Festival, and Live Earth.

In 2001, Gabriel teamed with Human Rights Watch to tell the story of the most vulnerable and victimized inmates behind bars, rolling out two films to accompany the No Escape: Prison Rape in America report. Together, the films and report went on to galvanize public support for policy change and in 2003 helped the US Congress to pass the Prison Rape Elimination Act, which was signed into law.

In the years since, Gabriel has teamed with Drew Barrymore on a youth voting documentary called The Best Place to Start and with Snoop Dogg on an autobiographical film about the streets-to-prison cycle of at-risk youth, Bigg Snoop Dogg’s Youth Authority.

In 2009, Found Object Films created the "See You in Copenhagen" campaign for the UN Foundation and, and later teamed with Timberland to create content for their 'Don't Tell Us It Can't be Done' climate campaign. In 2011, Found Object worked with SpikeTV to launch the Hire a Vet campaign, saluting returning troops with job resources and examples of successful transitions aired on SpikeTV.

Currently, Gabriel is developing a documentary on legendary Florida prison escape artist, Mark DeFriest, whose battle with mental illness has trapped him behind bars for thirty years and counting.