Gabriel Stauring

Founding Executive Director, iACT

Gabriel became involved in the situation in Darfur out of a sense of personal responsibility. He believes that the power of community and compassion, combined with personal empowerment, can bring about meaningful change. He graduated from California State University at Dominguez Hills with a degree in Behavioral Science, and previous to founding iACT, Gabriel worked as a Family Consultant, providing in-home therapy for abused children and their families. In addition to visiting the refugee camps on the Chad-Darfur border over 20 times, Gabriel has spearheaded campaigns such as the 100-Day Fast for Darfur, Darfur Freedom Summer Vigils, Camp Darfur, Darfur Fast for Life, as well as iACT’s innovative programs such as Darfur United and Little Ripples. He is featured in The Enough Moment, a book written by activist John Prendergast and actor Don Cheadle. Why Gabriel Acts: “Because it’s personal. I am a father and cannot help but think what it would be like if it was my kids sitting in the middle of the desert, with so much danger and so little hope. I know so many refugee fathers, mothers, and children. They are friends. I must act.”