Gabrielle Pedriani

Pseudo prosaic footwear aficionado who moved to NYC from the midwest and is thus chronically prone to overthinking commonly accepted style "truths".

Once upon a time, while living in Wisconsin, Gabrielle realized that she was more interested in the people she passed on the way to where she was going than where she was going. And by people, she of course means shoes.
So, as one does when one has an interest and literally no means with which to pursue it, she started a blog. She wrote about peoples' relationship to "fashion" (sans the capital F) and spent a couple of years overthinking everything from the shape of the toes of her favorite boots to the sociological implications of lipstick.
Then, in 2015, when Wisconsin proved limiting, she decided to move to New York City to pursue literally nothing except for New York City. Things are going well. Now, in addition to (instead of?) of her blog, she lives through her Instagram captions, which are not the same thing at all but somehow equally as satisfying because she may be (is definitely) dying inside.
Today, she freelance writes about an array of topics — leveraging her hyper-quizzical instincts to arguably unproductive ends.
Stay tuned.
We expect big things from this one.
Or very small ones.
It's a toss-up, really.

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