Galina Nemirovsky

Writer and Blogger; Join in my discovery of Life Clubs, my 365 Project

Born in Kiev, Galina defected to New York City with her family in the 1979 wave of Russian-Jewish immigrants. This dramatic transition has apparently left her with an eternal quest for a sense of belonging and a perpetual cultural identity crisis. As a child, she preferred the animated conversations of grown-ups, sweetened by the sexiness of coffee and cigarettes, to that of playing with children her age. She spent her adolescence starring in an ironic, Russian immigrant coming of age story amongst vodka and donuts in the family’s dinette in Staten Island. She received a Journalism degree from New York University but spent a decade in the falsely glamorized world of advertising agencies. She’s followed a traditional life course of marriage, kids, corporate job until life started dictating more stories than she could transcribe. Divorce, co-parenting, new love, Life 2.0. Galina started Hearts Everywhere in 2008 as a blog where she documented Life 2.0, chasing the American Dream of life, love and pursuit of happiness. Writing novels in her head her whole life, Galina has dedicated 2016 to her 365 Project: Life Clubs where she is writing an autobiographical essay a day on her blog:

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