Gregory Mengel

Racial justice writer and educator. Co-creator of the class "Beyond the Culture Separation: Whiteness and the Embodiment of a New Story."

Gregory Mengel, PhD is a white, cisgender male writer, educator, and culture worker living in Oakland, CA. He is co-founder of Beyond Separation, which offers classes and workshops that inspire white people to see the social and spiritual harm done to all of us by racism. In his writing, Gregory examines the way unquestioned cultural stories and implicit beliefs limit our thinking and interfere with our ability to connect across difference. He is committed to anti-racism as both a spiritual practice and a path of personal healing and social transformation. He also facilitates classes for the UNtraining and the East Bay Meditation Center. Also, he has a day job. You can find more of his writing on his personal blog CosmologyofWhiteness.