Garth Bruen

Fellow, Digital Citizens Alliance

Garth Bruen is a Fellow for the Digital Citizens Alliance, a consumer safety group focusing on online crime. He is a trusted Internet policy researcher and consumer advocate. For over 10 years Garth has been exposing procedural failures in the Internet architecture, which allow spam, malware and illicit traffic to flourish. Beyond simply documenting abuses, Garth has authored real policy solutions to reduce fraud. In 2012 Garth was elected as the North American At-Large Chair to the Internet Corporation of Assigned Names and Numbers, meaning he represents digital consumers from the U.S. and Canada in all Internet policy matters. As the principal investigator for Garth has been processing spam complaints from the public for free and returning real results. Garth has consulted for a number of public and private entities on the problems facing the Domain Name System. For several months leading up to the arrest of Ulbricht, Garth and Digital Citizens investigators had been researching The Silk Road. The investigation leading up to his arrest included the creation of a Silk Road profile, procurement of several BitCoin, and one small purchase on the site.

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