Gary Liberson, PhD


Dr. Liberson, a former Member of PA Consulting’s Management Group, draws on over 30 years of experience solving problems for clients. Ultimately, many of the matters he consults on involve helping clients bridge the communication gap between different functions to improve management processes. He has a rich background in environmental regulation and enforcement that originated from founding the first statistics office in US EPA’s Office of Water in the mid 70’s, was a risk assessor for Lloyd’s of London for environmental impairment insurance followed by founding Environmental Risk Sciences in the mid 80’s and founded the first statistics group in EPA’Environmental Practice at PA Consulting focusing on sustainability issues. He is a PhD statistician who has testified in litigous matters covering regulatory compliance, product liability, corporate governance and management control systems. He has represented clients before Congressional Committees, regulatory agencies and in public forums including the EPA Science Advisory Board. He was the expert witness for Bridgestone/ Firestone in its multidistrict law suit regarding tire failures and represented Firestone with the National Highway Safety Transportation Administration (NHTSA) and with Congressional committees.

His clients are often science-rich organizations seeking help to bridge a gap between management and scientist/engineers to develop management processes to enhance sustainability and accelerate bringing science into the marketplace. He has helped corporate management evaluate and strengthen investment opportunities, as well as, business processes across a wide array of medical, energy, materials technologies, and geographies. He is presently working with Scroll Motion - an iPhone company - to expand mobile device
applications into the enterprise space, as well as Mobile Commons a very clever sms service. He is a founder and Board Member of the Water Resources Action Project - non-profit organization whose goal is to provide sustainable water solutions for under-served populations in the Middle East.
Proudest acknowledement - mentioned in Finding Life on Death Row: Profiles of Six Inmates by Katya Lezin, Stephen B. Bright, p. 150.

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