Gary North

Essayist, journalist, co-founder of BiNet USA and other bi-related entities

Gary North is a longtime journalist who founded the first U.S. national bi newsletter back in 1987-8, helped co-found BiNet USA (and served several times as an officer, including president, VP, secretary and treasurer, plus task force member), and led the organizing of the first bi-pan-fluid leadership institute at Creating Change. He is in the process of editing/rewriting "The Book of Taun," about the life and AIDS-related death of his husband in 1993. He lives with his wife of 15 years in the greater Los Angeles region, loves his eight grandchildren (thanks to his wife's three grown children), and still keeps in touch with his late husband's many relatives. He's also a former president of the Los Angeles Newspaper Guild (now the Southern California Media Guild), which merged with CWA 9400/AFL-CIO, and he remains active in various other labor/societal causes.

In addition, he intermittently adds entries to his blogs at and, and can be found occasionally at,, and