Geena Rocero

Model, Transgender activist

Born to humble beginnings in Manila, Philippines, Geena always had big dreams. Growing up, she knew that she was different from her childhood friends. At a young age, she told her mom that her gender assignment at birth was different.

At fifteen, a pageant manager approached her to join a beauty contest. This opportunity led her to the world of TransWomen Beauty Pageant in the Philippines. As a young teenager, she then became one of the most prominent figures in the Trans Beauty Pageant world.

Geena emigrated to San Francisco in 2001, and in 2005, she moved to New York City in order to pursue a modeling career. She was quickly represented by Next Models, one of the most prominent agencies in the world.

Through her own experience into womanhood and working as a professional model, she realized her bigger purpose in life was to share her journey and work towards justice and beauty in the transgender community.

Geena is now working full-time on Gender Proud, a global transgender rights campaign. Her purpose is to raise awareness of the transgender community and to change the global policy that will allow to change their names and gender markers without having to go through surgery. As a firm believer in the freedom, dignity and enrichment of the transgender community, Geena is dreaming big.