Georganne Chapin

I am the executive director of Intact America, and the president and CEO of the Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality.

Georganne Chapin is president and chief executive officer of the Hudson Center for Health Equity and Quality, a not-for-profit organization she founded in 2005. The Hudson Center develops and promotes technology solutions to streamline access to health care – especially for Medicaid and programs for the underserved – and advocates for social justice in health care organization and delivery. Ms. Chapin also is the founding executive director of Intact America, an organization dedicated to ending medicalized infant circumcision, a practice that the United States is alone among developed nations in supporting as a legitimate medical intervention. From 1989 through 2014, Ms. Chapin served as president and CEO of Hudson Health Plan, a Medicaid plan serving New York’s Hudson Valley region. Hudson Health Plan, which consistently received high quality and overall satisfaction ratings from the NYS Department of Health, and was known throughout New York State and the nation for its commitment to universal health care and its innovations in technology, care coordination and quality improvement. Ms. Chapin holds a BA in Anthropology from Barnard College, an MPhil in Sociomedical Sciences from Columbia University, and a JD from Pace University School of Law, with certificates in Health Law and International Law. In addition to her executive positions, she has taught health law and bioethics at Pace Law School, and bioethics to doctoral-level nursing students at Dominican College.