George Williams, Jr.

A Texan native and a global citizen, George is passionate about analyzing and writing about the intersection of race, culture, and humanity.

George Williams, Jr. has been a writer for over 3 years and is the author of the memoir, L'Enfant Terrible: Memoirs of a Twentysomething and This Thing Called Life. A native of East Texas and a global citizen, George has always been fascinated by language and culture, and more importantly, how our cultural and personal backgrounds help define, shape, and mold our world. From a very young age, George found the power that lies within the written word and how it can be used to validate, highlight, and further expand the realities of minorities and give voice to those who are voiceless. George currently works as an English teacher in Medellín, Colombia and when he is not in the classroom, he loves to spend his time savoring over Latin American literature, drinking Colombian coffee, and dancing salsa. *Should you wish to follow more of George, his journey, and his writing, his website and Instagram are provided below. Website: Instagram: GWilliamsJr24

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