Georgienne Bradley

Scientist, writer, photographer, public policy, producer

Georgienne Bradley is the founder and executive director of Sea Save Foundation (, a non-profit ocean conservation organization based in Malibu, California. She is also co-owner of Bradley Ireland Productions, one of the world’s largest underwater still photography and video stock houses,

A well-known and tireless conservationist, Ms. Bradley is a scientist, underwater photographer, videographer, writer and producer who has been focused on raising awareness of the plight of the world’s oceans for over two decades. She has authored hundreds of magazine articles and scientific papers about the ocean, and two books, "Such is Life in Costa Rica: Underwater" Printex, Costa Rica and "Dive Guide to Costa Rica". Ms. Bradley has also has produced ocean-themed television programming for a variety of studios and networks including Paramount, Disney and National Geographic.

She is perhaps best-known for her work involving shark finning and Cocos Island. In 1990, Ms. Bradley and underwater photographer Jay Ireland began documenting the plight of Cocos Island, a remote, uninhabited island off the coast of Costa Rica that is home to a thriving marine ecosystem that makes it one of the world’s top dive spots. The two documented the shark-finning practices at Cocos Island, and, in an attempt to stop it, they presented their findings to the Costa Rican President José María Figueres and Director of National Parks, Alvaro Ugalde. The duo’s photographs were used by the Costa Rica government to launch a national marine-awareness campaign including a postage stamp series, national lottery tickets and other materials . Bradley and Ireland were instrumental in expanding the boundaries of the protected areas around Cocos Island National Park and eventually contributed the UNESCO petition which made Cocos Island a World Heritage Site.

In 1995, Ms. Bradley spearheaded the launch of Costa Rican Marine Imaging Project (CRMIP), a non-profit organization that enabled travelers and high school and college students to get involved with educational production projects. She is also the co-founder of the America Society of Media Photographers’ Underwater Professionals Group.

In her current role with Sea Save Foundation, Ms. Bradley campaigns to raise awareness of the planet’s fragile marine ecosystems and advocates for change in public policy. In 2013, representatives from Sea Save Foundation helped negotiate groundbreaking policy changes at CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species) to protect seven marine species. With Sea Save Foundation’s current Give ‘em The Fin campaign, Bradley has returned to the issue of shark finning.

Ms. Bradley studied medicine at Sackler Medical School, Tel Aviv University and attended graduate school at Georgetown University. In 2006 she was inducted into the Women Divers Hall of Fame.

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