Gerard Bush

Gerard Bush is a writer, storyteller, film director, and one half of the award-winning writer/director duo Bush|Renz.

Gerard Bush is a writer, storyteller, film director, and one half of the award-winning writer/director duo Bush|Renz. The brpr Group (Bush Renz ).
With an office located in Miami’s Design District, Bush|Renz partners with change agent institutions and brands including Conservation International, Amnesty International, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, AdvancED, Porsche, Moet & Chandon, The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Foundation, Priorities USA among others…

Bush launched Bush|Renz in 2009 with partner Christopher Renz winning the prestigious Bees Award for best use of mobile with client Smirnoff Ice before being named as American Express Open Forums top 100 Creatives that same year. Bush has been profiled for his expertise in brand storytelling in The New York Times, Mashable, MSNBC, NBC, Ad Age, Ad Week, The Miami Herald, Politico, Business Insider, BuzzFeed, The Grios and The Wall Street Journal, UpWorthy.

Bush was charged with heading all storytelling initiatives for the world's largest educational non-profit, AdvancED, where he directed the documentary series “Technology; Education’s Next Great Disruptor” featuring Dr. Sugata Mitra, Gwen Ifill and Thomas Friedman, where they speak on the topic of digital innovation and the improvement of education between the teacher and the learner. Later Bush directed TechCrunch’s Generation Beta- a docu-series featuring the CEO of Oracle- Larry Ellison, Deputy Sec. of Education Jim Shelton, Justin Khan of Y-Combinator. Bush also spearheaded a political digital initiative to fight voter suppression directing the short film documentary "Battle For Your Ballot" featuring Russell Simmons. Bush also worked with The Dream Defenders and the Black Lives Matter movement directing critically acclaimed PSA Vest or Vote, which gained national attention in the 2014 mid-term elections. Most recently Bush co-directed Amnesty International produced documentary short “Canvases of Courage” with partner Christopher Renz, which premiered at the official 2016 Hollywood Foreign Press Golden Globes Brunch. Bush also directed national commercials for the 2016 Presidential campaign for Priorities USA and Hillary Clinton.

Bush has been invited to speak at Harvard, UC Berkley, University of Miami, Internet Summit, Digital Summit, Social Media Week, Jazz on The Vineyard, and was also a featured speaker at the Global Youth Economic Conference in Washington, DC, alongside Bush|Renz collaborator, MTV.

Bush is also a professor at the acclaimed Miami Ad School (The School Of Pop Culture Engineering) teaching a visual storytelling course (with a focus on change agent and non-profit brands and institutions) in conjunction with Florida International University. Bush has made contributions to the Huffington Post, Esquire Magazine,, and Cultured Magazine.