Geri Hearne

I blog on heaven and bridging heaven to earth. Some call me the Spirit Whisperer.

Geri Hearne is an award-winning TV News Producer, Reporter and Writer, with years of experience at NBC, ABC, FOX and Tribune Broadcasting. She is currently working as a Content Producer at WNBC-TV. On this blog she is happy to write about her experiences with Energy and Spirit. In 2006, she began getting communications from other dimensions when an eye injury kept her out of work for a year. She began having near death experiences and conversations with dead people. Since 2007 she's been posting a Monthly Message from Spirit titled “Here is Heaven” on her website, The first five years of messages are detailed in Geri’s ebook “Here is Heaven.” In it, Spirit spells out where heaven is and how to get there. Geri’s book, "Today’s Top Story is a Four-Letter Word" details how Spirit began talking to her. It includes 40 Days and 40 Nights With Spirit, guidelines on how to live in love. It also features Spiritual Pull Ups, 5 days of prayer, affirmation and rellection to help keep your soul in shape for better living and to raise your vibration. Geri also helps others publish their inspirational stories through books, CDs and DVDs at Joy Media. There's more information on