Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg

Scholar/author/activist; Professor emeritae, Adelphi University; Chair, National Jobs for All Coalition

Gertrude Schaffner Goldberg is Professor Emerita of Social Policy at Adelphi University where she designed and directed the Ph.D. program in Social Work. She is chair of the National Jobs for All Coalition and co-chair of the Columbia University Seminar on Full Employment, Social Welfare & Equity. Her research focuses on social welfare, employment and poverty in historical and international perspective. Goldberg is the author, co-author and editor of six books and numerous book chapters and articles on social policy. Among her publications are: When Government Helped: Learning from the Successes and Failures of the New Deal, co-edited with Sheila Collins (Oxford, 2013); Poor Women in Rich Countries: The Feminization of Poverty over the Life Course (author/editor, Oxford, 2010); Government Money for Everyday People (co-author 4th ed., Adelphi University, 2004); and Diminishing Welfare: A Cross-National Study of Social Provision (author/co-editor 2002); The Feminization of Poverty: Only in America? (author/co-editor, Greenwood Press, 1990); Washington’s New Poor Law: Welfare “Reform” and the Roads Not Taken, 1935 to the Present (co-author, Apex Press, 2001); Jobs for All: A Plan for the Revitalization of America (co-authored, Apex Press, 1994).