Gina Baski

Business owner, Mom, Wife

Today women do it all; they are skilled in various jobs—mom, teacher, doctor, student, wife, friend, chef, and driver—the list is infinite. Our role in society has shifted; not only are we expected to nurture our young; we are also required to be providers and role models for them. In today’s society women are like octopi—magical, mystical creatures that require eight legs to perform. The question is not whether or not women can fulfill their role in society; the real question is can women perform their selfless duties without losing sight of who they are as individuals. A woman is most powerful when she is empowered physically, spiritually, and emotionally and has a positive sense of self. This “positive sense of self” can be difficult for any woman living in the 21st century to achieve. To learn to love and accept myself with all of my imperfections and flaws was a very long and arduous road. From a young age I was involved in sports, both in gymnastics swimming. I was told I was too smart to ever be an athlete, that any time spent in sports was a waste of my time. Professionally I spent the early part of my career as a senior technical writer and an adjunct college professor. After working in academics I decided not to pursue my PhD because I knew in my heart it wasn’t meant to be. I did something unimaginable in my family; I entered into the profession of physical fitness. My vision was to create a place where every person can create a lifestyle that requires discipline yet is both fun and enjoyable, that will give them a sense of accomplishment, that will teach them humility, and that they will continue far beyond their time with us. Empowering individuals through fitness is what I have been the most passionate about in my professional career. I remain committed to helping people create a healthy and active lifestyle, so that no matter their age, gender, or athletic ability, they can live their best life possible. I have achieved things I once thought unimaginable, racing in Ironman Triathlons and winning races against people half my age. Now as a Mom with two kids I commit to race at least once a year which has provided enjoyment, discipline, structure and a sanctuary from the craziness of running a business while raising a family. Being healthy for my two sons Luca & Alexandre has given me the motivation to continue this journey, I am inspired by the countless men and women I have helped along the way discover their very best self.

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December 7, 2017
May 20, 2016