Ginger Ross Breggin

Executive Director, Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy

Ginger Ross Breggin is a reformer, writer, editor, public relations, photographer, wife, mother, grandmother. She is married for over 30 years to psychiatrist and reformer Peter R. Breggin, M.D. and has worked by his side for many decades, including as co-author of several of his books exposing the dark side and dangers of biological psychiatry, psychiatric drugs, electroshock (ECT) and psychosurgery. Currently Executive Director and co-founder with Dr. Peter Breggin of the Center for the Study of Empathic Therapy, she was formerly Executive Director of the International Center for the Study of Psychiatry and Psychology (ICSPP) (1990-2002 see for details). Her interests have included human rights, especially those of the most vulnerable, including children, the elderly, the psychiatrically diagnosed, the unborn, and those suffering emotionally. She did her first successful PR campaign as a child of age 11-16 when she blew the whistle on the animal abuse occurring in her hometown (Huntington, Indiana) animal "shelter." Enlisting the aid of the local Huntington Herald Press and conservative members of the local town council she exposed the animal abuses, was featured in a front page local feature where she stated that the local animal shelter neglect and abuse is a microcosm of what is wrong with the 16 years of Democrat mayoral leadership in our town. Paul Harvey picked up the story, and the animal shelter became the leading issue of the mayoral campaign. After the republican contender was elected, he appointed Ginger Ross and the three town veterinarians to a special commission to clean up the shelter and its abusive practices. Within another 3 years funds were raised for a new, state of the art shelter and local dogs and cats were able to be adopted, and humanely treated. That early success has lead to decades of work in researching, examining and communicating abuses against vulnerable populations. See Dr. Peter Breggin's website for information about the accomplishments of Dr. Breggin with his wife's assistance and contributions.

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