Giselle Noelle Morgan


Giselle Noelle Morgan creates feminist photographic reflections in Los Angeles, California while simultaneously playing the harp and applying lipstick. Morgan was vexed by the lack of women in art history and began to study current cyberfeminism until she found her home as a contributing member to the feminist movement online. Originally, Morgan began her photographic career by shooting photo diary pieces, and transitioned into doing photo series revolving around feminist issues or personal trauma and experiences. Morgan's work has been featured internationally in magazines such as The Riveter Review, Cherry Magazine, Girls Get Busy, Bitchtopia and shown in galleries including A Side, B Side and Fulcrum. Her photos will be showcased at the Feminist Art Conferenced in Toronto Canada for March 2015.

You can find her work archived on her blog:, follow her Instagram @gisellenoelle, or buy prints:

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