Marcos Cajina

Marcos Cajina travels the world to draw from the natural beauty and diversity to gain inspiration for tile designs.

Marcos started Granada Tile in 2001 when he built a hydraulic press in his basement while living in Los Angeles and working in the non-profit sector. He spent several months learning how to replicate the tiles by experimenting with a variety of methods and materials. Soon, the ever-adventurous Marcos set off to France with his wife and partner Melanie Stephens to further research the origins of the tiles. They visited public buildings and old estates to see the works of art in person and also dug through specialty libraries to find texts about the origins of the cement tile production process. In 2004, Marcos set up production in Nicaragua with his nephew and general manager Ronald Mejia Cajina and hired skilled master craftsmen to create the Echo Collection . From their home base in Los Angeles, Marcos and Melanie work directly with Granada’s many architect and designer clients to help capture their creative vision though decorative tile. Constant innovators, they travel to Nicaragua frequently, continuing to draw from the land’s natural beauty and diversity for new styles, designs and methods.

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