Grayson Daughters


No one appreciates a variety of communications platforms, mediums and media more than someone who grew up with none. Grayson Daughters was raised on an organic farm that flourished without benefit of television or telephone. Upon leaving the farm for college, Ms. Daughters immediately went looking for an internship with a local news station. She's worked in electronic media, not agriculture, ever since.

All the while, Ms. Daughters has kept a watchful eye on her surroundings, turning observations and opinions into many a guest editorial and essay. Currently, she blogs for Mostly Media; a Georgia politics blog, Peach Pundit; and she is co-creator of the webshow,

Ms. Daughters began her production career with ABC News, where she was an associate producer for six years. She traveled the United States extensively while covering political conventions, criminal investigations and numerous southern-based natural disasters.

After learning to be a journalist, she worked in corporate communications as a producer/writer for The Home Depot.

Daughters founded her production and new media promotions company, WaySouth Media, Inc., in 2006.