Greta Gleissner

LCSW and founder of Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists, a nationwide meal support and coaching program.

In 2013, Greta Gleissner founded Eating Disorder Recovery Specialists (EDRS), the first nationwide, in home eating disorder recovery support program. With Greta’s vision and leadership, EDRS continues to expand with over 85 clinicians in more than 27 states. EDRS utilizes technology and personalized, one-on-one engagement to treat its clients in the ultra-critical transitional phase of recovery. Whether it’s in home, at work, or on campus, EDRS clinicians meet clients where they need it most. This innovative approach is revolutionizing the industry and dramatically improving long-term recovery success rates for those completing residential treatment. In recovery herself, her first book, Something Spectacular: The True Story of a Rockette’s Battle with Bulimia is a raw, personal chronicle of the devastating effects bulimia exacts upon her personal and professional life during her time as a Radio City Rocket.