We are an international collective of mobile and social creatives.

Grryo is an international collective of mobile and social creatives who have dedicated ourselves to being a resource for the social photography and arts community. “Griot” simply means storyteller. Grryo simply means storyteller. Through social photography, we will continue to showcase art from every corner of the world in the form of visual imagery – both still and moving pictures, interviews of amazing artists, and tutorials and reviews for a community that is continuing to grow every day. We have shared our passion for this art form since December 2011. Since then, we have curated 12 mobile photography exhibitions around the world. Through partnerships with many mobile and non-mobile photography organizations, we have joined a movement that is open to anyone with an urge to create photographs and share their art with the world. These partnerships will continue to grow under our new name. Again our aim is to support this artistic movement through the storytelling aspects of visual technology and fostering of community.