Gulcin Gilbert

Producer and Director

During a dinner with a fellow skydiver and a friend who worked in television program development, Gulcin mentioned an upcoming event, Jump For the Cause – a World Record Skydive whose participants would all be women and suggested that someone might want to make a documentary about it. Her friend then suggested she do it. So she did. Having made over 3200 skydives and slated to be a participant in this event, Gulcin knew the subject very well. Though Pink Skies marks her debut as a director, she has produced numerous multi-media projects and has had stints in front of the camera as an actress and stuntwoman. Utilizing the magnificent camera work from the world’s top aerial cinematographers and assembling a small, tight knit multi-talented team, Gulcin was able to capture an insider’s point of view of this incredible event.

The next task was to examine the world of breast cancer. Initially, Gulcin expected just to document a survivor’s experience and deliver some of the horrendous statistics of this epidemic form of cancer. After interviewing over a dozen experts, she realized there were some uncomfortable truths that required exposure. Marrying the two aspects, breast cancer and skydiving, she has knitted a film that has spectacular visuals and exposes important new discoveries.

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