Haggai Carmon

International lawyer, author

Haggai Carmon is an Israeli lawyer who has been representing the United States Government in civil litigation cases in Israel since 1985. He has also worked as a covert agent, gathering intelligence for the US government in over thirty countries. After years of intelligence work, Carmon came to realize that his real-life exploits were more compelling than most of the crime fiction he enjoyed, and thus found an outlet for his extraordinary adventures in his first novel Triple Identity, first published in 2009. He has since followed up with four more books in the Dan Gordon Series: The Red Syndrome, Triangle of Deception, The Chameleon Conspiracy, and Defection Games. The latter became bestseller #1 in AMAZON in its genre. In addition to his career as a lawyer and writer of spy thrillers, Carmon is the author of the nonfiction legal text book Foreign Judgments in Israel: Recognition and Enforcement.