Hanna Ingber Win

Multimedia journalist

Hanna Ingber Win is a multimedia journalist based in Mumbai, India. She covers Mumbai for GlobalPost and blogs for the Huffington Post and True/Slant. Most recently, Hanna was the World Editor of the HuffPost. She won InterAction’s 2009 Award for Excellence in International Reporting in recognition of the HuffPost’s foreign coverage.

Hanna has also lived and worked in Burma, Thailand, South Africa and the United States. She has covered maternal health in Ethiopia, police misconduct in South Africa, the plight of widows in India, migrant workers in Malaysia, Iraqi refugees in San Diego and juvenile sex offenders in Los Angeles.

Hanna’s freelance articles and commentaries have appeared in, LA Weekly and the Hartford Courant and on NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “Day2Day.”

Hanna received her undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and her master’s in journalism from USC Annenberg, where she was a Dean’s Scholar.

For Hanna's latest articles and blogs, visit her website. Follow Hanna on Twitter @Hanna_India.