Hans Proppe

Photographer / Filmmaker

Although originally trained as an architect and a professor of Design at California Institute of the Arts for five years, I have produced over seventy hours of movies and mini-series for television. My great avocation has always been an abiding interest and passion for photography. I am totally untrained (and perhaps undisciplined) but I am very happy with my eclectic interest and approach to the potential of images: Street photography. Figurative. Abstract. Travel. Studio. Photoshopped images. I am not particularly interested in the mechanics and high end religious mandates of 'serious' photography. I am drawn to the content of a frame whether it is the literal content or the compositional content. I like for images to be evocative, challenging, absurd, paradoxical. And while I have had shows in galleries and published images, my true home and fit is on Flickr where since 2004 I have posted images pretty much every day. It keeps me challenged and working to come up with something worthwhile to post. Some of the time I hope I succeed. <br> <br> Find me on Flickr <a href="" rel="nofollow">here</a>