Harold Bronson

Co-founder, Rhino Records label

Harold Bronson co-founded the Rhino Records label, and co-ran the company with Richard Foos for 24 years. Rhino has been considered the best reissue label in the world, and for a number of years was awarded label of the year--among all the labels in the music industry--by the record retailers organization NARM. During the Clinton administration they received a special, corporate citizenship award from the Dept. of Labor as a reflection of how well they treated their employees. He oversaw the Rhino Books division as well as Rhino Films, executive producing the Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas and Why Do Fools Fall In Love feature films, among others. In his twenties, Bronson wrote about pop music for the UCLA Daily Bruin, Los Angeles Times, L.A. Free Press, Rolling Stone and various music magazines. Bronson's most recent books are The Rhino Records Story and My British Invasion.