Harold Jordan

Senior Policy Advocate, ACLU of Pennsylvania

Harold Jordan joined the ACLU of Pennsylvania in December of 2007. He is the author of Beyond Zero Tolerance: Discipline and Policing in Pennsylvania Schools, and editor of Know Your Rights: A Handbook for Public School Students in Pennsylvania. Presently Harold chairs the board of The Philadelphia Public School Notebook, a nonprofit news service reporting on public education, and serves on the coordinating committee of the national Dignity in Schools Campaign. In Philadelphia, he works with Community Responses to Zero Tolerance, a working group challenging the school to prison pipeline. For 17 years, Harold coordinated a national youth program at the American Friends Service Committee. He is a former administrator in the School District of Philadelphia and the former executive director of the National Coalition of Education Activists. In December of 2012, Harold received the Education Law Center of Pennsylvania’s “Education Champion” award. He holds a degree in Social Thought and Analysis from Washington University in St. Louis.