Harold Anthony Lloyd

Wake Forest Law School Professor

Professor Harold Anthony Lloyd graduated with high honors from Duke University School of Law and magna cum laude from Davidson College. Before teaching, Professor Lloyd practiced law at a North Carolina law firm and later served as Vice President and General Counsel for a now publicly-traded corporation. Professor Lloyd’s scholarly interests include legal analysis, reasoning and rhetoric, semiotics of law, interpretation theory, commercial transactions (including commercial leasing and other real property transactions), and the practical art of commercial negotiation and drafting. Professor Lloyd speaks out against the damage Christopher Columbus Langdell has done to legal education and stresses instead the inseparability of practice, theory, and the humanities in legal education. Professor Lloyd also enjoys genealogy, verse, and translation. In addition to his original verse (some of which has been set to music), he has translated the complete epigrams of Palladas and various French works including Racine’s Phèdre and Molière’s Tartuffe. His personal blog can be found here: Some of his additional scholarship can be found here: He can be found on Twitter at LloydEsq.