Harriet Heydemann


I have been a parent and caregiver for over twenty-five years. I have no medical background and am squeamish around body fluids. I came to this position unqualified and uncredentialed. I still lack credentials and am entirely self-taught. I instinctively (and sometimes defensively) question everything I hear from doctors and other medical professionals. For seven years, I have managed a college level educational and enrichment program for one student. I had no prior experience in educating anyone other than myself. I am working on a memoir, MY DAUGHTER DIDN'T WANT ME TO USE HER NAME, about my evolution as a parent. My daughter was born with a rare genetic condition that was undiagnosed for over twenty-four years. Her condition left her severely disabled, non-verbal, and medically fragile. Although her body didn’t work, her mind was astute and her spirit vibrant. She enjoyed cultivating her persona as a badass. She lived a longer and fuller life than anyone imagined. I'm a believer in magic and miracles whichever is most appropriate. I live with my husband, Gary, and our incorrigible dog, Rico, near San Francisco, California. For more about me, check out my website: or Facebook page:

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