Harry Rothenberg

plaintiff's personal injury attorney; video blogger on topics in Judaism

As his accent suggests, Harry Rothenberg is originally from Philadelphia and still spends too much time rooting for its sports teams. A 1988 graduate of Columbia College and a 1993 graduate of Harvard Law School, magna cum laude, Harry now lives in northern New Jersey with his wife and children. As an attorney, Harry is a tireless advocate on behalf of victims of catastrophic injury. His firm, the Rothenberg Law Firm LLP, is one of the leading personal injury law firms in the United States, with offices in New York City, Philadelphia, Hackensack, Cherry Hill, and Lakewood. For more about Harry, his firm, his family, and their extraordinary successes on behalf of injury victims, see Harry is equally passionate about lecturing on Jewish topics, particularly to audiences that did not have the same opportunity that he had to study for 3 years in Israel at Ohr Somayach yeshiva. He has delivered his dynamic lectures across the world to college and graduate students and at synagogues and conventions. His newest project, Harry's Video Blog, highlights a passage or a section from the weekly Torah portion or upcoming holiday in order to extract lessons in an easily-accessible and entertaining, yet also thought-provoking fashion. Past videos can be viewed at Harry's Blog is filmed on behalf of Partners in Torah, an organization that offers a unique phone study program to Jewish adults of all backgrounds across North America. This is a free opportunity to discover Judaism – its culture, history, and traditions – at one's own pace and schedule. Jewish men and women with an interest in acquiring specific skills or who simply want to build on their Jewish knowledge-base, are matched, one-to-one, with a carefully selected personal Torah trainer or “mentor” for up to an hour a week of over-the-phone study and discussion. Participants can choose any topic - including Hebrew, Jewish philosophy, Talmud or history. In its close to two decades of operation, Partners in Torah has engaged more than 51,000 intellectually curious Jewish adults, and currently supports over 4,600 weekly study partnerships (over 9,000 individuals). In addition to making Jewish knowledge accessible to Jews no matter where they live, Partners in Torah aims to foster unity among Jews of all backgrounds and denominations. For more information, visit