Harry Fuller

Greentech blogger and long-time newsman.

I confess I spent nearly all my media career working for large media companies well-known to Wall Street. My career spans several successive revolutions in American news media. When I began in TV news, we used black-and-white film. Most major cities had several daily newspapers. Numerous local radio stations had large news departments. Cable TV did not exist. People used manual typewriters to produce scripts. In those days there were F.C.C. regulations directing coverage fairness, limiting ownership of TV and radio.

I have been a TV News Director and TV station general manager in San Francisco. I founded one of the first news websites run by a TV station in 1995. I left corporate media to run the news department for ill-fated start-up Tech-TV in 1998. I then got a chance to work for CNBC Europe in London for four years, watching George W.Bush's America from afar.

My wife and I have escaped the big city life for a small town in Oregon.

It's clear to me some of the most crucial issues facing America and the rest of the planet involve how we use our resources and what we do to the only Earth we can now inhabit. We are in need of continued technological and political change at least as great as those that have altered the media landscape in recent decades. To survive, which is neither assured nor automatic, humans will have to re-think ideas like "ownership," "profit" and "efficient." The old way of measuring these will not work.