Harvey Wasserman

Author, 'SOLARTOPIA! Our Green-Powered Earth'

Harvey Wasserman is author or co-author of a dozen books and edits the website. His Green Power & Wellness Show is at

SOLARTOPIA! introduced by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; HARVEY WASSERMAN'S HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, introduced by Howard Zinn; and GLIMPSE OF THE BIG LIGHT: Losing Parents, Finding Spirit, introduced by Marianne Williamson, all appear at So does PASSIONS OF THE POTSMOKING PATRIOTS by "Thomas Paine."

With Bob Fitrakis, Harvey has co-authored four books on corporate vote fraud, including HOW THE GOP STOLE AMERICA'S 2004 ELECTION....

In 1973-4, he helped found America's grassroots "No Nukes" movement, a phrase he helped coin. He is senior advisor to Greenpeace USA and the Nuclear Information & Resource Service and Senior Editor of He speaks regularly to citizen and campus groups around the US. In 1994 he addressed 350,000 semi-conscious rock fans at Woodstock 2.

Harvey teaches history at two colleges in central Ohio. He has 5 daughters, 4 grandchildren & 3 grand nieces/nephews. All in all, he's a happy guy.