Healthy Harlequin

Superhero. Slayer of Bad Health. Food & Fitness Geek.

Superhero. Slayer of Bad Health. Food & Fitness Geek. Born and raised in upstate New York on a seventh generation farm and apple orchard, Healthy Harlequin, (born Holly "Quinn" Chapman), grew up learning to farm, forage, cook and kick butt. As a young girl, Holly's parents mysteriously disappeared—leaving her to maintain and run the family farm. In her early twenties she came to New York City to piece together her parents' past. She now uses her strength, skills, enthusiasm and charm to inspire people to live life to the fullest. Her mission as the world's foremost masked crusader is to vanquish Bad Health and ultimately get people to believe in themselves again. Her debut online features an upbeat 15-second mobile/web cooking and exercise series called The Healthy Harlequin. Instagram @healthyharlequin. www.

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