Heather Dugan

Freelance writer/photographer

Heather Dugan is a freelance writer/photographer and voice-over/on-camera talent with an international business clientele who specializes in spotlighting the inspiring and often humorous elements of business, family and travel. Her articles and photos can be found on various corporate and travel sites and via links on her <a href="" target="_blank">Heather Dugan Creative</a>. She can be seen and heard in radio/TV commercials, e-Learning, corporate training and PR videos and as an annoying phone voice telling you when you've misdialed. You can also buy her new book "<a href=";camp=1789&amp;creative=390957&amp;creativeASIN=B00980Q51G&amp;linkCode=as2&amp;tag=salary-20" target="_blank">Pickup in Aisle Twelve.</a>"

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