Heather Garbo

Writer, community builder, localist, creator of

Heather Garbo is a Denver-based mama with a love for all things local. After a decade of working in communications, she merged her love of the written word and local living when she began working at Downtown Colorado, Inc., a tiny nonprofit with the big mission of providing community and economic development assistance to Colorado communities. Finally a chance to support the local indie businesses she loved — other than with her own personal bank account!<br /> <br /> Heather is passionate about community engagement and gets excited about things like walkability, placemaking, neighborhood sense of community, and shopping local. She has organized a multitude of community and economic development conferences and events to provide ongoing education to hundreds of Colorado local government and business leaders. She has written grants for nearly half a million dollars in federal funds to support community and economic development activities in communities statewide — funds that would not otherwise have entered the Colorado economy. And, she holds a masters degree in sociology with a focus on sense of community.<br /> <br /> Currently on hiatus from community work to spend more time with her two young boys, Heather continues her personal mission of community-building and supporting small business through her blog,, which provides inspiration for better local living, including Denver resources to live and shop local, and strategies for building stronger neighborhood communities.