Heather Kristin

Girls Write Now mentor, memorist, mother, ex-actress, violinist, subway busker.

Heather Kristin, a New York-born and home-schooled memoirist and novelist, has written for Glamour, Salon, Slate, Smith, St. Petersburg Times, The L Magazine, Narrative and for the anthology LIVE AND LET LOVE (Simon and Schuster) which was featured on Good Morning America and reviewed in Kirkus. She has been interviewed by Oprah live on-camera, in Elle Magazine, Woman's Day Magazine, on Latino NPR, and on Huffington Post Live with host Nancy Redd. Before graduating from The New School University and attending the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London, Heather worked at an amusement park, as an actress, as herself on THE RESTAURANT, an NBC Mark Burnett reality show, as Kristin Davis stand-in on SEX AND THE CITY, as a composer for film and theatrical productions, as a violin teacher, as a playwright, a Park Avenue nanny, a subway busker, a cocktail waitress, and got fired from too many restaurants to list. Heather was the keynote speaker for Sterling House Community Center, for the Get In Touch Foundation, and spoke (and sang!) at a fundraiser at The New York Historical Society. She was honored by the State of New Jersey for mentoring at-risk teen girls, for a decade, with Girls Write Now. Most recently, she performed on violin with The One World Symphony, and at Carnegie Hall with The InterSchool Orchestra of New York. Heather is currently working on a memoir about being homeless, and performing at Studio 54 as a child.

February 9, 2017
November 17, 2011
December 6, 2017

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