Heidi Powell

ABC's 'Extreme Weight Loss'

“Behind every great man, there is a great woman,” and Heidi Powell, wife of transformation specialist Chris Powell, is no exception. Empowering thousands across the globe, Heidi works side by side with Chris to carry out their vision of transforming lives from the inside out. Since season one of ABC’s “Extreme Weight Loss,” Heidi has been the matriarch and behind-the-scenes tour de force for the often-struggling participants, serving as their daily fitness coach, voice of reason and biggest cheerleader. In season three, which is currently airing, Heidi has a role in front of the camera, and demonstrates just how vital she has been to these staggering stories of success.

This summer, Heidi welcomed America into her home on the web series “Meet the PowellPack." Each episode followed the Powells as they managed hectic schedules, weeks away from home and attempted to find the difficult balance between work and family life. Somehow, Heidi gracefully kept it all together with three young children and Chris on the road for most of the year.

While simultaneously filming and coaching private clients and participants from “Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition,” Heidi travels the country with Chris for speaking engagements and television appearances on such shows as “Good Morning America,” and “The Dr. Oz Show,” sharing vital tips and innovative solutions, transforming lives along the way.

In most recent developments, Heidi has joined together with Vemma, one of the premiere leaders in liquid wellness supplementation, to help make a positive difference in the $80 billion domestic weight loss market. This program, called the Vemma Bod•ē 12-Week Transformation Plan, allows her to coach tens of thousands of people five to six times a day via texting, email and the latest in iPhone app technology.

Heidi began personal training at the age of 19 at LA Fitness in Arizona. As a coach, mother of three, and manager of their family business, Heidi brings a whole new perspective and level of compassion to the Powell’s approach, helping others overcome many of life’s challenges to create effective, long-lasting success. When not traveling, she resides in Phoenix with Chris and their three children.

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