Helen Adrienne

LCSW, Infertility Specialist, Certified Hypnotherapist

Helen Adrienne, Licensed Certified Social Worker and certified hypnotherapist, is a general therapist who specializes in infertility counseling, couples counseling for infertility, mind/body stress reduction for infertility and gynecological and reproductive issues. Helen Adrienne has been in practice since 1979. Her approach is based on the mind-body connection involving mental, physical and spiritual well-being. She believes that the mind influences the body and the body influences the mind. Her counseling approach and thought processes combine psychological techniques with a deep clinical and spiritual understanding of the mind, heart and body. This understanding empowers her to help her clients in a targeted way to reduce mind/body stress. Her treatment model aims to enter the mind-body unity so you can respond rather than react to challenges, whether for infertility or anything else. This will enhance self-esteem, build confidence, create new behaviors, coping mechanisms and thought processes leading to major breakthroughs. Helen has helped hundreds of people reach their goals and navigate the emotional component of complex medical issues, particularly infertility counseling, throughout her psychotherapy and counseling career that began in 1979. She practices in New York City, New York and draws patients from the entire NY metropolitan area. Helen understands how you feel and reduces mind/body stress related to mental, physical and situational factors.